Meet Our Team of Storytellers


Nirvan Mullick - Director, Producer

Nirvan is an award-winning filmmaker working at the intersection of story-telling and social impact. Nirvan has created viral films and campaigns, from Caine’s Arcade and to the UN Foundation’s #EarthToParis campaign. Nirvan’s work has been featured in the New York Times, New Yorker, NBC, ABC, CBS, Christian Science Monitor, has films in MoMA’s permanent collection, and speaks about creativity and story telling to companies and non-profits worldwide. Nirvan received an MFA in Experimental Animation from CalArts and a BA in Philosophy and Fine Arts from New College in Sarasota, Florida - the same New College where Rick Doblin went to college in the 70’s and first experimented with psychedelics. Rick was in Nirvan’s very first experimental film, made at New College in 1996, and Nirvan has been tracking Rick’s work for decades. This unique history helped lead to the unique collaboration that is this film.


Dream Mullick - Producer

Dream is a Producer, Writer, Entrepreneur, avid Dreamer and Teacher. She worked as the Director of Development and Partnerships on the UN Foundation’s #EarthToParis Campaign, helping to build a broad coalition of partners from Facebook to and has been producing with Interconnected since 2014. Dream holds a BA in Business from University of Mexico and is co-producing Prescription X: The Rick Doblin Story with her brother, Nirvan, in addition to producing various commercial work, branded content, social impact campaigns. Dream co-produced/co-hosted the 2019 Psychedelic Integration gathering at Esalen which brought together speakers including Rick Doblin, Paul Stamets, Michael Pollan, Dr. Judie Holland, and Gaye Dillingham to explore how psychedelics can integrate into mainstream culture in positive ways.


Jeffrey Schneider - Cinematographer

Jeffrey is a Los Angeles based Director of Photography with over 15 years of experience filming documentaries, television shows, commercials, and feature films. His work has appeared on Showtime, ESPN, MTV, the History Channel, as well as at festivals including Sundance, Tribeca, South by Southwest, Berlin, and SIFF.  Commercially he has worked with brands including Google, Dior, Nike, Microsoft, and Canon.  Jeffrey has a BA in Film and Digital Media from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and studied Documentary Filmmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute. Jeffrey believes in the power of visual storytelling to make an impact and has been collaborating with Interconnected on projects since 2015.


Ali Hart, Associate Producer

Ali is a creative producer with a unique blend of storytelling, strategy, and humor. She produced a short documentary on immigrant patriotism called American Haze for Sundance Now’s Take 5: A More Perfect Patriot series. She also developed and produced a 5-part documentary web series called Spotlight California for billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer. Ali has over a decade of experience using entertainment to influence culture, from developing to producing to impact producing. Earlier in her career, she managed comedians and developed true stories of injustice into scripted original movies for Court TV. Ali has a BA in English and Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MBA in Sustainability from Presidio Graduate School.